This page contains a list of:  (1) Cherokee professors/instructors who are currently employed at colleges and universities, (2) Cherokee language and humanities specialists who work for tribes, private sector or are independent; (3) other Cherokees who hold terminal degrees, and (4) current PhD candidates.  All individuals listed on this page are enrolled citizens/members of the Cherokee Nation, United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians, and/or the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.  

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Fulltime University Professors/Instructors:

Emeritus and Retired

Cherokee Language, Arts and Humanities Specialists (Working for Tribes, Private Sector or Independent):

Cherokees with PhD (Working for Tribes, Private Sector or Independent):

  • Donohue, Betty (PhD, UCLA (English))

  • Gourd, Charles (PhD, Univ. of Kansas (Anthropology))

  • Sly, Gloria (PhD, Univ of Oklahoma (Education Admin))

  • Evans, Lara (PhD, University of New Mexico (Art History))

Cherokee Doctoral Candidates:

  • Hausman, Blake (Univ. of CA-Berkeley (English))

  • Jackson, Rachel (Univ. of Oklahoma (Composition/Rhetoric/Literacy))